A New Era Dawns

Eli Weisberg

Party Secretary

We’ve all heard about how Alberta is approaching the end of an era. At this important turning point in our history, we must be cautious that we do not slip back into the clutches of the stagnation, arrogance, and entitlement that brought our proud province to its knees. We are all responsible for this failing, whether we actively voted for a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or whether we simply lay silent as our fellow Albertans were tricked into a twisted, corrupt mindset of entitled dependency.Responsibility is a touchy subject for a lot of people. Taking ownership of our mistakes is the first step to righting wrongs, and growing as a nation. As we watch the social structure of our nation decay into paranoia, terrorist attacks, suicide, and an overall state of depressive melancholy, we must acknowledge that things have only became this dreary because of our own inaction. We cannot change the mind of others. No government, no technology, and no form of mental conditioning can change a heart that is set against reform. The only mind we can have complete control over, and ought to have complete control over, is our own.

Good government does not start with politicians who promise us a rosy future with minimal effort on our parts. These crafty individuals are not being honest with us. Value is not something that simply materializes out of nothing. Hard work, initiative, and resources must be expended in order to create something of value. The most successful individuals in our society are not the individuals who work the hardest. They are the individuals who are the most skilled at maximizing the amount of value that they can produce, while expending the least amount of resources. Those who can do more with less are the ones who reap the greatest reward. What are the attributes of such an individual? Self reliance, responsibility, resilience, and practical thinking. These attributes allow us to provide for our needs, interact more productively with those around us, stand strong in the face of trouble, and turn our creative ideas into something valuable and tangible.“Value is not something that simply materializes out of nothing. Hard work, initiative, and resources must be expended in order to create something of value.”Just as it takes a lot of effort and processes to build a steel mill, power plant, or a SAGD facility, it takes an equivalent amount of work to transform ourselves into robust “value producers”, rather than simply remaining mindless consumers. For example, when a member of our community is afflicted with an addiction to unearned value, I truly hope that rather than punishing such an individual, we all gently and compassionately help that person to recover. Helping others realize their own potential for success not only lifts a burden from our communities, but also increases the overall value of our society.

By taking responsibility for our own quality of life, our own rights, and our own Province, we can take the first of many steps towards repairing the damage of complacency and reaching out towards a brighter future for Alberta. Never again can we allow a government to demean our own abilities. We’ve demonstrated again and again that we are morally responsible, and extremely capable of creating vast amounts of wealth with very little, paying the debts that we owe, and taking a position of leadership in Canada. And yet our government claims we are incapable, immoral, and unable to care for ourselves without their relentless supervision and superior intellect. I say they’re wrong. Albertans are strong enough to weather the storms of toxic, divisive socialist politics. When the windy rhetoric of this hurricane has blown away, we will rebuild Alberta stronger than ever, leaving no trace of our hardships and with a spirit of thankfulness as this new era dawns.