Albertans For Alberta

For Immediate Release – January 23, 2019

Alberta Advantage Party Leader, Marilyn Burns and President David Inscho are pleased to announce the Party’s 2019 election slogans.

“We are excited to announce that we will be using two slogans for the Spring 2019 election – “Albertans for Alberta” and “Real Leadership. Real Change”, Burns advises.

Inscho says, “The AAP is made up of ordinary Albertans who have worked very hard in the past eighteen months to be able to give Alberta a credible option on the 2019 ballot. We are here for Alberta and only Alberta.”

Burns adds that “We are in the process of selecting candidates and will be announcing candidates shortly. Our candidates will be ordinary Albertans who are not afraid of hard work and who care about Alberta. We have proved ourselves to be real leaders and are the only option for real change that Albertans want.”