David Inscho
Bonnyville – Coldlake – St. Paul
  • Has called St Paul and area home for 60 years. 
  • Worked in farming, the construction industry and heavy equipment operator .
  • Legion member and Executive member in Mallaig Legion Branch No. 260 for two decades.
  • Volunteer with Cadets in many capacities.
  • Married to tolerant wife with grown children and proud grandpa.

  • Involved in politics more than 40 years, starting with the Western Canada Concept Party, senior Executive member with the Wildrose Party, founding member and President of the Alberta Advantage Party
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Larry Smith
Calgary – McCall
  •  Licenced Realtor in Calgary, Alberta for over thirty years.
  •  Founder of Extend-Ability Inc.
  •  Co-founder of Tip Top Guest Houses.
  •  Co-founder of Integrity Investigations.
  •  Co-founder of Atlas Protection Services.
  •  Co-founder of Aladdin Home Entertainment.
  •  Internet and Computer Marketing Specialist.
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Sandra Kim
  • Strong advocate of grassroots values and individual constituent voices.
  • Presently works in commercial real estate with past successful business experience.
  • Homeschool parent who has organized events and fought for parental rights in education.
  • Community volunteer with a willingness to serve the public.
  • “Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country” – Quote from Margaret Thatcher.
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Terry Blacquier
Cypress – Medicine Hat
  • Has worked in the oil and gas industry for 35 years, mostly in Western Canada with some time spent overseas.
  • Raised in Taber, has lived in Medicine Hat for 23 years – Married with grown children.
  • “I believe in the AAP Platform and that the AAP has Albertan’s backs. I can no longer put up with watching my colleagues and friend’s businesses being forced to close. I will never shut up when it comes to the corruption and hypocrisy that is running rampant within our political system today.”
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Mark Gregor
Drayton Valley – Devon
  • Long-time Drayton Valley resident
  • Worked in Alberta’s logging, oilfield, pipefitting and pipelining, and trucking industries since 1993 
  • “We must get people back to work.  Businesses are closing.  People are losing their houses. I’ve checked and researched the other parties and I’ve chosen to go with the Alberta Advantage Party. We will do what we say we are going to do.”
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Greg Herzog
Drumheller – Stettler
  • Greg Herzog is a 4th generation farmer who works the land his family has farmed for over 110 years.
  • He was a director on the Drumheller/Stettler Wildrose CA board for over 5 years and then a director on the UCP board when the parties merged. Greg quit the UCP as he strongly believes in a grassroots party and did not find that with the UCP.
  • If Greg is elected he would continually hold meetings in the constituency and endeavor to give everyone a chance to talk to him so that he actually understands what people want and need, then bring their thoughts to Edmonton and ensure that as much as possible is done for his constituency.
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Yash Sharma
Edmonton – Ellerslie
  • Passionate Edmonton community leader.
  • Volunteer community initiatives include Millwoods Senior’s Activity & Multicultural Centre, Edmonton Downs Syndrome Society, Edmonton Food Bank, Millwoods Ex-Servicemen Association, Millwoods Cultural Society of Retired and Semi-Retired, and NGO work with orphans and abandoned seniors.
  • Media experience with Indo-Canadian Media Club of Alberta.
  • Master’s degree chemist with water and process experience.
  • Married with three young children and pet dog Rocco.
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Chris Poplatek
Edmonton – Highlands – Norwood
  • “I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is Krzysztof but I’m more commonly known as Chris. I have lived in the Edmonton Highlands – Norwood constituency for twenty-seven years and am the father of an adult son.”
  • “I’ve seen a lot of changes in our neighbourhood over the years, both good and bad. I have witnessed amazing community spirit and festivals as well as criminal acts and rampant homelessness.”
  • “I work as a Community Peace Officer and I’m also a small business owner. I co-own an Entertainment company, working as the Client Consultant Manager and Head DJ, managing a team of nine staff members.”
  • “I am running as a Candidate for Edmonton Highlands – Norwood riding with the Alberta Advantage Party in the upcoming Provincial Election. I grew up in and around this neighbourhood and I’ve heard the concerns of my friends and neighbours.  Now I want to represent you and your voices asking for change.”
  • “The Alberta Advantage Party has candidates just like me. We are everyday REAL people that have decided to step forward and challenge the current status quo as potential Members of Legislative Assembly.  With your help, we can change our Provincial Government system. By Albertans for Alberta.”
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Adam Cory
Edmonton – Manning
  • Works in Business Development and Communications for a local Edmonton Business, as well as Web and Digital Design for various small businesses.
  • Previous Volunteer/Staff at local children summer camps, and soccer coach for a U13 Soccer Team.
  • Receives the most joy in life from his family and friends, as well as helping others.
  • Wants philosophy, history, business, finances and taxation to be taught in Junior and Senior High School so young adults can be self-reliant and able to manage and produce wealth for themselves.
  • He truly feels that politicians have lost sight of what everyday Albertans deal with in trying to stretch a dollar to try and take care of their families. He believes Alberta is at a very pivotal point in history, and needs a common sense approach to succeed.

Gordon Perrott
Edmonton – McClung
  • Gordon Perrott was born in Ontario in 1955 and in 1977 as a young ambitious man he moved to Alberta.
  • “I moved to Alberta because I heard there was gold in the fields and the streets were made of oil. I did not realize it at the time, but I was chasing the dream of free enterprise. Now 40+ years later with experience, and because of the desire to succeed and through the adventures of life I have been rewarded as a successful businessman, dad, husband of 41 years and grandad with lots of grandkids.”

    “I have been fortunate in business and with my current window cleaning business I have reached the top
    in my trade amongst my peers in Western Canada. I have created a successful and established a business with many friends and employees where there have been many achievements along the way like being awarded by the Alberta government for innovation and technology, being appointed as Committee Chair or as a Board Director. Along the way I even had some fun time to achieve a Guinness book of world records award.”

    “Today with the Alberta advantage Party I embark on a new mission to help Albertans in the province
    that has given me so much.”

  • “I am on a mission to make politicians accountable for their actions, a mission to make the recall of politicians the law of the land. A mission to help Albertans have the finest education system available and a mission to help seniors across the province. Let’s make Alberta equal in Canada.”
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Thomas Varghese
Edmonton – Meadows
  • Educator and educational leader in one of the largest post-secondary educational institutions in Alberta.
  • Believes that leadership is an opportunity to serve, not a title or position.
  • Member or Executive Member of various service and community organizations.
  • Inspired by the AAP’s well-rounded Platform, respect for the cultural and economic needs of Albertans, and focus on giving constituents power between elections.
  • Happily married with three children.
  • “If I have two hands to help, why would I sit back and complain that no one is doing anything?”
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Luke Burns
Edmonton – North West
  • Red Seal Automotive technician.
  • Small business owner focused on improving people’s health and finances.
  • Receives the most joy in life from his marriage and two children aged 6 and 2.
  • Believes that our children are unprepared for the life ahead of them when they graduate.
  • Self-student of liberal arts, philosophy and personal development.
  • Will advance an education curriculum with a focus on early grade arithmetic.
  • Wants philosophy, history, business, finances and taxation to be taught in Junior and Senior High School so young adults can be self-reliant and able to manage and produce wealth for themselves.
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Marilyn Burns
Edmonton – South West
  • Marilyn Grew up west of Edmonton in small towns and homestead farm near Wildwood, AB.
  • Before becoming a lawyer at age 40, Marilyn worked as a farm hand, waitress, deli-clerk, piano teacher, school secretary, nurse’s aide in a nursing home and a training school for physically and mentally handicapped children, foster parent, and youth summer camp instructor.
  •  Marilyn was a 2004 Alberta Alliance Party leader candidate, co-founder of the Wildrose Party, President of the Edmonton-South West Constituency Board, and is now the leader of the Alberta Advantage Party.
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Don Meister
Edmonton – Strathcona
  • Don, 55 was born in Edmonton. He grew up in St.Albert and Edmonton.
  • Married with three children and two grandchildren. His oldest son graduated from the University of Alberta and his youngest daughter is enrolled at the University of Alberta for this fall.
  • After High School he embarked in the automotive trade becoming a Red Seal journeymen Technician. He worked hard in his trade and became shop Foreman and also a Service Manager. His passion for people and the automotive industry has now prompted him to start his own automotive business.
  • As an Albertan he wants to help our province get back on track.
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Ron Malowany
Fort Saskatchewan – Vegreville
  • Ron Malowany was born in Viking, AB and raised on a mixed family farm near Holden. After high school, he used to well test and haul pipe. He continued to work carpentry in the family business until his father passed away. Ron worked in his community as a volunteer firefighter for over twenty years, worked as an EMT-A and volunteered as a director for the Bruce Agricultural Society.

  • Ron is married, a step father, a journeyman electrician and helps out on the family farm.

  • He enjoys fishing, hunting, carpentry and getting out to car shows with his Mustang.

  • Ron was a former director with the Wildrose Party in the Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville CA. It became clear, that the creation of a new provincial grassroots party was required. Working with a group of dedicated individuals, Ron helped collect over 8,600 petition signatures and the Alberta Advantage Party (AAP) became registered with Alberta Elections.  Ron is currently a provincial director with the AAP and a director on the Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville CA. Having the opportunity to speak with people from across the province, the AAP has identified that voters want accountability and integrity from their politicians. The AAP  so strongly believes in this, it is written into our party’s constitution that you should have the right to recall your elected official or leader.

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Brian Vanderklay
Innisfail – Sylvan Lake
  • Alberta born! Raised in Southern Alberta.
  • Married with two grown children and just celebrated the birth of his first Grandchild.
  • Over 30 years in Oil and Gas Industry including overseas: Turkmenistan, Iran and Russia. Several years in Fort MacMurray and numerus locations in Alberta, and the Western Province’s from Rigs to Production Facilities. (Instrumentation and electrical)
  • Other interests include World Politics, Finance, Political Sociology (how each influences the other)
  • Government is supposed to serve the people!
  • Albert Advantage Party is made up of everyday people fed up with the way politics is played out and willing to stand up and step forward to make a difference.
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Darien Masse
Lac Ste Anne – Parkland
  • Namakan area businessmen with a proven track record of building new businesses from scratch or purchasing and transforming mismanaged businesses into successful enterprises.

  • Believes in the importance of family, loves and appreciates small town Alberta.

  • Loves his daughter and four grandchildren who inspired him to run as an AAP candidate.
  • Will be a champion of the Lac St. Anne – Parkland counties.
  • Described as authentic, committed, confident, credible, driven, ethical, genuine, reliable, sensible.
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Shawn Tylke
Lacombe – Panoka
  • Grew up on a farm near Falun/Usona.

  • Experience in retail, heavy equipment operator, oilfield long haul trucking, feedlot operator, owner/operator of a landscaping and construction business, owner/operator of a goat meat operation, owner/operator of a water well drilling business.
  • Attended Olds College, completed a real estate course, general welding courses and is a journeyman water well driller.
  • Has broad life experience and wants to make the Alberta Advantage better than it has ever been.
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Gil Poitras
Leduc – Beaumont
  • Former Beaumont Town Councillor.
  • Past-President of numerous local community organizations including Beaumont Water Play Park Society, Beaumont Adult Slow Pitch, International Region Elite Soccer Club, Battle River Lightning Soccer Club and Knock School of Irish Dance.
  • Former Executive of many Boards including the Beaumont and District AG Society, Beaumont Promotion Committee, Beaumont Soccer, BRSA Zone Soccer, Beaumont Skate Board Park Society and the ASA Discipline/Appeal Committee.
  • Coached community soccer and hockey.
  • Married for over thirty years with two grown daughters.
  • Works in Leduc as a Safety Coordinator and Shipping Coordinator.
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Tamara Krywiak
Morinville – St. Albert
  • Works as a rural Registered Nurse.
  • Active in the Ukrainian community through dance and music – Board member and actively participated in building Alberta Advantage Party.
  • Wants accountability, integrity and fiscal responsibility in Alberta politics.
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Dave Hughes
Olds – Didsbury – Three Hills
  • Airline employee for 30 years.
  • Special needs bus driver transporting children to the Children’s Hospital.
  • A world traveller who holds freedom and democracy as a highest value.
  • Active volunteer working with homeless and disadvantaged Canadians and Indigenous people in difficulty.
  • Outdoorsman who hunts for his own meat – Loves God, family and Alberta!
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Paula Lamoureaux
Rocky Mountain House – Sundre
  • Paula is a passionate Albertan who believes in democracy, accountability and honesty. 
  • Being a school board Trustee and Development Officer within the past ten years has allowed her to work with people from all walks of life and achieve positive results. 
  • Paula has been a strong opponent to the Bighorn Project.
  • “True Leadership is not about advancing yourself, it is about advancing your people. When I shake your hand, it is because I am working to moving you forward.”
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Chris Glassford
Sherwood Park
  • Commercial Security Installations Contractor.
  • Former Primary Care Paramedic for 14 years in the industrial, ground and fixed wing Air Ambulance capacities and member of the faculty at the Canadian College of EMS for 13 years.
  • Past business owner of a safety company offering industrial medical services, online safety training and various first aid and safety related programs.
  •  Director of the Alberta Advantage Party Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville Constituency Association
  • Proud father of two teen-age boys.
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Don Petruka
St. Albert
  •  Don is a heavy duty mechanic, small business owner and contractor in the oil and gas industry. He has worked in all aspects in the industry including, but not limited to oilfield, construction, transportation, and agriculture.
  • He lived in a rural setting for most of his early years and has called St. Albert home for almost two decades.
  •  With strong ties to the community, a strong work ethic and a ‘never give up’ attitude, Don understands and has been through what it’s like to raise a family in an economy where most people don’t know what the future holds.
  • He truly feels that politicians have lost sight of what everyday Albertans deal with in trying to stretch a dollar to try and take care of their families. He believes Alberta is at a very pivotal point in history, and needs a common sense approach to succeed.
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Don Melanson
Strathcona – Sherwood Park
  • 13 year employee for Canada Post in Edmonton.

  • Born and raised in New Brunswick. Set roots and raised his family in Edmonton area since 1981.

  • Don and his wife of 36 years have made the Sherwood Park area their home for 20 years.

     Hope Mission volunteer who enjoys seeing people overcome life’s challenges.

  • Don served as a CNIB volunteer driver.
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Kelly Zeleny
Vermilion – Lloydminster – Wainwright
  • Rural Registered Nurse and works on the family ranch near Mundane.
  • BSc. Agriculture (1997) and BSc. Nursing (2009).
  • 4H Leader, Volunteer with numerous community groups and fundraisers.
  • Former Wildrose Party Director.
  • VP Policy, current AAP Board CFO/
  • Married, one daughter.
  • Wants accountability, integrity and fiscal responsibility in politics.
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Wesley Rea
Maskwacis – Wetaskiwin
  • “I was born in Rocky Mountain House, spent most of my childhood moving around Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan.”
  • “I have always had a passion for politics which started when I was in school. I have worked a variety of jobs within different industries. I have been working retail for the last 17 years, I find it rewarding helping and meeting people. My passion for helping people will definitely carry through if I get elected.”
  • “I feel it is time that the people of this province actually get a voice once the elections are done, not just empty promises. This is how a true Democracy works.”
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Paul Lupyczuk
West – Yellowhead
  • Lupyczuk is a proud, born and raised Albertan. He lived in Edson for two years before moving to Whitecourt twelve years ago.

  • He has a master’s degree in Leadership with a focus on non-profit organization and a background that includes experience in forestry, the oil and gas industry, agriculture, adult education, law enforcement, board governance, and information technology.

  • Lupyczuk explains the Alberta Advantage Party is “passionate about the important issues in Albert,” such as repealing the carbon tax.

  • “The recall of MLAs by voting constituents, re-utilization of orphaned wells, seniors care, establishment of an Alberta taxation agency to keep Alberta’s money in Alberta, reduction of personal tax, an increase in the personal tax exemption, and so many others.”

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