The Alberta Advantage Party’s Energy Platform plan will re-structure and impact every sector of Alberta’s economy, including oil and gas operations, mining, electricity, and the environment.

Marilyn Burns, Leader of the Alberta Advantage Party states, “The Alberta Advantage Party has the one and only plan that will increase Alberta’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in our current economic and debt-laden situation.  This Platform plan will work to pay down our high level of debt”.

Regulation:  An AAP government will review and streamline the regulatory framework for Alberta’s energy sector.

Micro-Generation/Orphan and Stranded Oil and Gas Wells:  There are huge numbers of orphan and stranded oil and gas wells in Alberta.  An AAP government will cause these wells to become an asset to the Province rather than a liability by creating a regulatory and business environment that allows the transfer of ownership of these wells to other business entities who can profitably extract the resources, while at the same time requiring that all business entities involved in the transfer of ownership retain joint environmental responsibility and liability.

Business entities that purchase orphan or stranded wells for the purpose of extraction will qualify for a 5% royalty fee for a five-year period from the date of first extraction from the well.  Such business entities will be allowed to extract, market and sell the resources in accordance with the royalty agreement.  The regulatory structure will ensure that the purchasers of these wells have the ability to maximize their profits in a timely and efficient manner.

Environment:  The owners of all corporate or non-corporate industries with operations that negatively impact the environment will be responsible for the costs of reclamation, clean-up and other negative environmental costs without subsidy from Alberta’s taxpayers.

Green Energy:  Wind, solar and any other green energy sources must be economically feasible without subsidy from Alberta’s taxpayers or such projects will be discontinued.

Coal:  Alberta mines and produces, through advanced technology, coal that is clean to a high degree.  An AAP government would actively market and export coal mined in Alberta.  As well. an AAP government will examine the economic viability and environmental impact of restoring coal fired electrical plants, which the NDP government has, or intends to, shut down

Electricity:  Electricity will be deemed an essential service.  An Alberta Advantage Party government is committed to ensuring that Albertans have affordable electricity and will introduce legislation and a legal and regulatory framework to that end.

An AAP government will allow electricity to be generated on or off the electrical grid system without impediment to landowners and individuals who wish to leave or remain off the grid system.

An AAP government will implement a legal and regulatory framework by which all electricity producers may contribute to the electrical grid for profit.  Electricity producers may include wind, solar, micro-generation, co-generation or other non-conventional forms of electricity production.

Burns states. “One of the goals of the Alberta Advantage Party’s Energy Platform is to put Alberta in a healthy position to be energy self-sufficient and able to export electricity.”

David Inscho, Party President explains further that, “Alberta has the people and the resources to be a prosperous Province.  The problem has been short-sightedness by consecutive governments. This will stop with the election of an Alberta Advantage Party government.  We will provide real leadership and real change for Alberta by Albertans.”