Lower Taxes


All Albertans have born the brunt of the NDP tax increases.

The Alberta Advantage Party has a tax plan that will lift the burden of the NDP tax load from the shoulders of every Albertan. This is our commitment to Alberta if the AAP is elected to form government in 2019.

1.  AISH recipients will receive a Cost of Living Allowance retroactive to 2013 and prospectively;

2.  The Alberta Basic Personal amount credit will be increased to $24,120.00 for Albertans who have a taxable income of $128,450.00 or less.  The Alberta Basic Personal Amount Tax Credit will be $18,915.00 for Albertans earning over $128,450.00.

3.  Alberta will return to a single flat personal tax rate.  The single flat tax rate will be 10.5%.

4.  The AAP will introduce a $200.00 tax credit per child per year from the year of birth or adoption of a child up to the year that the child turns five years of age.  This $200.00 per child tax credit may be carried forward to the year that the child turns five years of age.  This tax credit may be claimed by any of the birth or adoptive parents or legal guardians, provided that the parents or guardians are cohabiting or have a legal shared parenting arrangement.  Otherwise, this tax credit shall be claimed by the parent or guardian with primary care of the child.

5.  As well, we will introduce a $200 tax credit per child per year from the year for extra-curricular activities from the year the child turns six years of age until the child turns eighteen years of age.  This tax credit may not be carried forward from year to year.  It may be used for athletic, musical or artistic activities.

6.  An Alberta Advantage Party government will introduce income splitting for senior couples, to begin in the year that the oldest person in the couple turns 66 years of age.  A couple must have cohabited for a minimum of two years before claiming this credit.

7.  Alberta’s Corporate Income Tax Rate will be 10.5%.

8.  We will eliminate the Alberta Carbon Tax incrementally over a three year period, with the Alberta Carbon Tax reduced by 1.5% in the first year that the Alberta Advantage Party forms government.  The percentage of reduction of Alberta’s Carbon Tax in the second and third years will be calculated and announced at the end of the first year that the AAP forms government, with a commitment that Alberta will have no carbon tax by the beginning of the AAP’s fourth year in office.

The Carbon Tax Rebate will be phased out in the second and third year of the phasing out of the Alberta Carbon Tax and not in the first year.

There is one caveat to this structured tax Plan.  If it is determined that any Albertan will pay a higher amount of personal taxes with this structure, we will adjust these figures to ensure that everyone in Alberta receives a reduction to their personal taxes.

This Tax Plan will keep money in the pockets of Albertans where it is needed the most – for those who are disabled, raising children, and the elderly.  There will be an immediate positive effect felt by all workers, whether business owners, farmers, or employees.  Local communities in every part of Alberta will flourish.  Businesses and workers will stop running from Alberta, but will be drawn back into our great Province.  Young entrepreneurs will have be given a chance that they never would have had under the PC and NDP governments.


Integrity in Government


The AAP believes that you should have the right to recall your elected officials.

We so strongly believe in this, that we have written it into our own party’s constitution. Even our leader can be recalled by our party’s members.




If elected, the AAP will revise the Alberta education curriculum so that our students will receive the highest levels of academic, and practical skills, that are offered on the planet.

We will eliminate the mandatory gay-straight alliance clubs in Alberta schools. Also, will eliminate the NDP directive that parents must not be told of their child’s sexual behaviour.

We will uphold and support the ability of parents to have their child educated in the manner they think best for their child, through a public, Catholic, private, chart, or home school program. We will not amalgamate the Catholic and Public School systems.


Promote Anti-Bullying Clubs

Bill 24 and GSA’s

Bill 24, as it was put in place by the NDP, requires that all schools in Alberta must have a GSA club if a student requests it and parents must not be told. We would leave this decision to the school, rather than the government, and allow for parents to be notified of their child’s involvement.

We don’t want the segregation of children by differences or the segregation of children from their parents. There are many reasons why children get bullied and typically it’s because they are different. Ideally CALM would teach life skills like interpersonal relationship skills.

We would really want an “anti-bullying club” or “inclusive club” at the decision of the schools with parents being notified like any other school club. A club where kids could develop friendships, have fun activities and learn to improve their communication skills.



An Alberta Advantage Party government will enable our core agriculture sectors to produce food with the least amount of regulatory burdens.

We will promote self-reliance in food production, to include the development of urban community gardens, and encourage new and innovative investment in Alberta’s food production.

We will change the producer group check off at the point of sale from mandatory to voluntary. This will allow farmers to choose where their checkoff dollars go without having to apply for cost recovery.

Farmers will be allowed to choose between private medical and disability insurance or WCB coverage for their employees.

Alberta and not Ottawa should regulate and administer the quota systems in Alberta. We will work to incorporate a fair quota system that allows young people to enter farming and, also protects existing quota owners.




The people of Alberta know what equalization payments are. We know that the taxes we pay are sent to Ottawa and we get nothing back in equalization transfers.

If elected to government, the AAP will not sign an agreement with Ottawa that keeps us subjugated or maintains the status quo.

The AAP will work to free Albertans from being Canada’s tax slaves.

The AAP will work to free Albertans from being Canada’s debt slaves.


Alberta’s Place in Canada


Albertans want greater autonomy from Ottawa.

The AAP will demand Alberta’s right to select our own immigrants, in the same way, that Quebec already does.

The AAP would halt the process of sending Alberta’s portion of income tax to Ottawa. The AAP would set up an Alberta Revenue Service to collect the Alberta portion of our taxes.




We will put an end to the separation of our elderly couples in their final years.

We will make a commitment to research, specifically immunology.

The AAP will make a commitment to care for the needs of our people who suffer from mental illness by providing appropriate housing, medical care and research.




The Alberta Advantage Party’s Energy Platform plan will re-structure and impact every sector of Alberta’s economy, including oil and gas operations, mining, electricity, and the environment.

Marilyn Burns, Leader of the Alberta Advantage Party states, “The Alberta Advantage Party has the one and only plan that will increase Alberta’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in our current economic and debt-laden situation.  This Platform plan will work to pay down our high level of debt”.

Regulation:  An AAP government will review and streamline the regulatory framework for Alberta’s energy sector.

Micro-Generation/Orphan and Stranded Oil and Gas Wells:  There are huge numbers of orphan and stranded oil and gas wells in Alberta.  An AAP government will cause these wells to become an asset to the Province rather than a liability by creating a regulatory and business environment that allows the transfer of ownership of these wells to other business entities who can profitably extract the resources, while at the same time requiring that all business entities involved in the transfer of ownership retain joint environmental responsibility and liability.

Business entities that purchase orphan or stranded wells for the purpose of extraction will qualify for a 5% royalty fee for a five-year period from the date of first extraction from the well.  Such business entities will be allowed to extract, market and sell the resources in accordance with the royalty agreement.  The regulatory structure will ensure that the purchasers of these wells have the ability to maximize their profits in a timely and efficient manner.

Environment:  The owners of all corporate or non-corporate industries with operations that negatively impact the environment will be responsible for the costs of reclamation, clean-up and other negative environmental costs without subsidy from Alberta’s taxpayers.

Green Energy:  Wind, solar and any other green energy sources must be economically feasible without subsidy from Alberta’s taxpayers or such projects will be discontinued.

Coal:  Alberta mines and produces, through advanced technology, coal that is clean to a high degree.  An AAP government would actively market and export coal mined in Alberta.  As well. an AAP government will examine the economic viability and environmental impact of restoring coal fired electrical plants, which the NDP government has, or intends to, shut down

Electricity:  Electricity will be deemed an essential service.  An Alberta Advantage Party government is committed to ensuring that Albertans have affordable electricity and will introduce legislation and a legal and regulatory framework to that end.

An AAP government will allow electricity to be generated on or off the electrical grid system without impediment to landowners and individuals who wish to leave or remain off the grid system.

An AAP government will implement a legal and regulatory framework by which all electricity producers may contribute to the electrical grid for profit.  Electricity producers may include wind, solar, micro-generation, co-generation or other non-conventional forms of electricity production.

Burns states. “One of the goals of the Alberta Advantage Party’s Energy Platform is to put Alberta in a healthy position to be energy self-sufficient and able to export electricity.”

David Inscho, Party President explains further that, “Alberta has the people and the resources to be a prosperous Province.  The problem has been short-sightedness by consecutive governments. This will stop with the election of an Alberta Advantage Party government.  We will provide real leadership and real change for Alberta by Albertans.”